Physical Changes During Adolescence

There is a period that is quite tricky for kids. That is a period of rapid change and they are aware of the change but they do not know why it is happening and they cannot understand it. Between childhood and young adulthood, that is when the kids are the most vulnerable.

The changes happen in every sphere of their life, social, cognitive, emotional and physical. Their bodies change and it is a slow but permanent change that tends to happen in different ways and at different times.

You can hardly find two teenage bodies that are exactly the same. Now, physical changes for boys and girls start at around 11, it depends. Sometimes, they can start a bit earlier and these physical changes include changes to voice, the start of periods, changes in body height and shape, the growth of pubic, body and facial hair and breast development. If you are worried about these changes, the best thing to do is speak to a health professional. The body of your child is maturing physically but the other organs have their own speed.Puberty

The brain development that includes, emotional development and thinking skills each have their own speed. Body systems, organs and bones also change in size and capacity as well as coordination and physical strength. As your children grow up, they will gain weight and develop new nutritional needs. As the body grows and matures, it needs iron, calcium, minerals and proteins to properly increase in size and energy.

The changes happen all over the place and they involve every activity like rest and sleep, hygiene, skin problems and dental care. It is important that you support your child through physical changes. Teenagers need to adapt to all these changes, a process that’s not easy.